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2014 CMPR Jan 5

Central Minnesota Pond Racing January 5, 2014

The first CMPR of the season started out a bit chilly. By race time it was sunny and about 5 degrees. A great day of racing for sure.

F-340/250x IFS
1-Roxy Lundeen- 10
2-Chuck Lundeen- 9.

340 SM Liquid
1-Randy Loglan- 10
2- Chuck Zeck- 9
3- Jordan Johnson- 8
4- Andrew Stoe- 7
5- Jim Lenox- 6
6- Chuck Lundeen- 5

F-500/ Includes F-340
1- Jonas Gust- 10
2- Pierre Jensen- 9
3- Chuck Lundeen- 8
4- Andrew Ashton- 7
5- Roxy Lundeen- 6
6- Jeff Innes- 5

SS 440 Fan
1- Chuck Poirier- 10
2- Randy Sims- 9

440 SM LQ
1- Randy Loglan- 10
2- Jordan Johnson- 9
3- Chuck Zeck- 8
4- Andrew Stoe- 7

Prostock 440/92 and older 500 Fan IFS
1- Jonas Gust- 10
2- Rudy Jensen- 9
3- Jon Pudget- 8
4- Jeff Innes- 7
5- Randy Sims- 6

Sportsman 600
1- Jonas Gust- 10
2- Pierre Jensen-9
3- Jeff Innes- 8
4- Rudy Jensen-7

Super Stock 340 Liquid
1- Jordan Johnson- 10
2- Jim Lenox- 9
3- Chuck Poirier- 7

IFS 440 Liquid
1- Jonas Gust- 10
2- Andrew Ashton- 9

Super Stock 440 Liquid
1- Jordan Johnson- 10
2- Andrew Stoe- 9
3- Jim Lenox- 8
4- Jon Pudgett- 7
5- Dave Reigert- 6

0-300 SM/ Includes Super Stock 340 Fan
1- Roxy Lundeen- 10
2- Dave Reigert- 9

0-500 Fan Mod
1- Chuck Poirier- 10
2- Jon Pudgett- 9

Late Model IFS 440
1- Jonas Gust- 10
2- Andrew Ashton- 9
3- Jeff Innes- 8
4- Rudy Jensen- 7


CMPR END of Season Pts

The 2012/2013 Race season has come to an end for us here in Central Minnesota. We are having a get together to celebrate this years Central Minnesota Pond races on March 22nd. The get together will be at the Shipwrex Bar & Grill east of Grey Eagle, Mn. The address is 13218 County 103, Burtrum, Mn 56318.

5:00- 7:00 IceBreaker
7:00 Food and Awards to the top two points winners in each class. Drawning for prizes right after that.

Contact for more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final results

1. IFS 250X       1st Jeff Karrow       
2. F-340             1st  Pierre Jensen, 2nd  Nathan Westlund
3. SS 340 Fan   1st Tyler Newman,  2nd Klye Roskoski
4. 340 SM LQ   1st  Brian Kobow, 2nd Jordan Johnson
5. F-500             1st  Nathan Westlund, 2nd Dan Iskierka
6.S.S. 400 Fan Single 1st Tyler Newman, 2nd Riley Covel
7. IFS 340X         1st Nathan Westlund, 2nd  Pierre Jensen
8. SS 440 Fan    1st  Chuck Poirier,  2nd Curt Pederson
9. 440 SM LQ    1st Jordon Johnson, 2nd John Starnes
10. Prostock 440  1st Mark Barrett, 2nd Justin Marthaler,
11. Sports 600    1st Randy Olsen, 2nd Dan Iskierka,
12. SS 340 LQ    1st   Jordon Johnson, 2nd Jim Lennox
13. IFS 440X      1st Jeff Karrow, 2nd Nathan Westlund
14. SS 440 LQ    1st Jordon Johnson, 2nd Jim Lennox
15. 0-300 SM    1st Dave Riegert, 2nd Brian Kabow
16. 500 Fan Mod    1st  Randy Sims, 2nd Chuck Poirier
17. IFS Late        1st Nathan Westlund, 2nd Mark Barrett
18. JR’s              1st Ryley Covel
19. Womens    1st Bobbi Meagher, 2nd Roxy Lundeen


CMPR on Trace

December 30, 2012

The first Central Mn Pond Race had a very nice turn out. The morning started out a brisk -6, but the sun was bright and by race time it was 20 + degrees perfect forracing. With approximately 150 entries the day was a success.

Results listed below.

IFX 250X;

1st– 99X Jeff Karrow


1st-   22x Mike Braaten
2nd   21J Jordon Johnson
3rd   124 Chuck Lundeen

SS 340 Fan
1st  118 Kyle Roskoski
2nd  99 Ed Lehrke
3rd  9D9 Clint Nouis

340 SM LQ

1st-  5 Josh Erdman
2nd  4 Dale Stanger
3rd  121 Brian Kabow


1st-  113 Nathan Westlund
2nd  88 Nick Butze
3rd   815 Dan Iskierka

IFS 340X

1st-  99X Jeff Karrow
2nd  113 Nathan Westlund
3rd   5 sleds DNF

SS 440 Fan

1st-  2B Ben Johnson
2nd  68 Chuck Poirier
3rd   99 Ed Lehrke

440 SM LQ

1st-  133 Jon Starnes
2nd  56X Randy Logelin
3rd   52X Curt Peterson

ProStock 440

1st-   05 Mark Barrett
2nd  22 Justin Marthaler
3rd   99X Jeff Karrow

Sportsman 600

1st-  815 Dan Iskierka
2nd  33 Randy Olsen
3rd   88 Nick Butze

SS 340 LQ

1st-   21J Jordon Johnson
2nd   50 Jim Lennox
3rd    2B Ben Johnson

IFS 440X

1st-   Jeff Karrow
2nd   5 sleds DNF

SS 440 LQ

1st-   21J Jordon Johnson
2nd   50 Jim Lennox
3rd   121 Brian Kabow

0-300 SM

1st-   9D9 Clint Nouis
2nd   426 Bradee Mlaskoch
3rd    156 Dave Riegeit

500 Fan Mod

1st-   68 Chuck Poirier
2nd   61 randy Sims

IFS Late Model

1st-   777 Gavin Bihner
2nd  113 Nathan Westlund
3rd   73 Andy Bachmann


1st-  Ryley Barrett

Womens Class

1st-  Roxy Lundeen
2nd  98 Jenifer Lee
3rd  61 Bobbi Meagher


1st-   777 Gavin Bihner
2nd   21J Jordon Johnson
3rd 73X Andy Bachmann   

North Star Blitz

North Star Contingency series

Johnson of North Star Racing Ski's has agreed to add $100.00 and a Trophy to the
winner  when running North Star Racing Ski's in one designated class at all ORA racing site this year.

The sites
and classes at this time are;



North Star Ski's

PO Box 145
Karlstad, MN 56732

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



2012 WBVC

Wahl Bro's Vintage challenge 2012.

The Wahl Bro's Vintage Challenge was set up once again as a three race series.  Eleven classes would score points at each race. The first race of the WBVC series has changed and will be held the awesome race site in Waconia.This will be a Sunday January 29.2012. This race site was new to the ORA last year, but has been the host of many good races and the largest Vintage show in the Nation.

The second race will be held at Ogilvie, Mn on February 4, 2012 on a land Raceway. This will be in conjunction with the ORA's "US Nationals" sporting a full weekend of racing February 3-4-5, 2012.

The third and final race of the WBVC will be held as part of the 6TH Annual "Race on Trace" February 18, 2012. This has been a awesome race site the last 6 years and will once again be a favorite to many Ice Oval racers.

The classes are;

Super Stock 340                LQ           Super Stock 440 LQ          Super Stock 440 Fan

SM 340 FA                           SM 440 FA

SM 250 LQ                           SM 340 LQ                           Super Mod 440 LQ

IFS 250X                               IFS 340X                               IFS 440X

There are no additional entry fees to run the WBVC. Show up, enter and run your classes and you will also be scored in the series.

At the 3rd race the high point Driver of each class will win a very nice trophy supplied by
along with $90.00 1st-$60.00 2nd-$30.00 3rd.

On top of all that, the overall high point driver will get a very nice traveling trophy to take home for the year!