Friday, 21 September 2018

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2013 All Cat Show

2013 All Cat Show

On October 5, 2013 Country Cat in Sauk Centre, Minnesota
held the 4th Annual “All Cat Show”. The days leading up to the
Country Cat annual open house were very wet to say the least. The forecast for
Saturday, the day of the All Cat Show showed steady rain. Dave Wanderscheid
quickly announced that he would make room inside for all the vintage sleds. The
indoor area worked out excellent for not only the sled owners, but the hundreds
of customers walking through to view the Vintage sleds. As it turned out I
believe the rain literally brought in more people to the open House as everything
from sleds, ATV, clothing, and parts were inside along with the Vintage show
sleds. Hey, it was too wet to do anything outside.

Thanks to the Wanderscheids for a very nice day and everyone
is looking to coming back for the 2014 Country Cat Open house next year on the
first Saturday of October.