Tuesday, 23 October 2018

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The Rat Sled

Submitted by Zach and Lyz Ohman

I wanted to go to a snowmobiling show but I wanted something that no one has ever seen before so I started walking around my bone yard of cars, and snowmobile stuff and just started gathering things and bring them to the garage. Before I new it is had a garage full of stuff I, Then I went to work doing the fabrication just picking through all the stuff, The tunnel is a Polaris, the shell of a car is a model a, and the engine is a Polaris 600.
the rat sled came about from other projects I was building, different types of snowmobiles, a 1972 scorpion super stinger that I altered with kawasaki at arms in the front, and skidoo chain case and cluch, and a Polaris 121 track and the rear skid, and a bikeman performance mod engine from judnick motor sport. Than I built a 1971 skidoo Olympic that I clipped two tracks together and stretched out the tunnel and made a seat that was 10' long. Than the next year I got the idea of taking two 1968 skidoo Olympics and putting them back to back, they than could go wich way, both engine worked this sled always made it back home. Than came the rat sled this just kind of fell into place with some of the left over parts from rat rod I built, and the cannibalized left overs sled parts from out in my bone yard, and than just started welding and the rat sled came about.

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