Thursday, 20 September 2018

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2018 CMPR Races

Central Minnesota Pond Racing 2018 race schedule.

January 7, 2018 Trace Lake Grey Eagle, Mn (season Pts)
January 20, 2018 Classic Snow Machine Rally, St Anna, Mn (Trophy Sponsor)
February 17, 2018 Grey Eagle/Burtrum Loins “Race on Trace” Grey Eagle, Mn (Trophy Sponsor)
February 24, 2018 Detroit Lakes, Mn (Trophy Sponsor)

Country Cats F-500 Series

Country Cat of Sauk Centre, Mn has stepped up to be the title sponsor of this year’s F-500 Series in Minnesota. This is a 3-race series with a $3000.00 payout. A and B main will score points for the final total. Added purse at each Race also.

1st race; Strathcona, Mn February 10, 2018
2nd Race; Race on Trace, Grey Eagle, Mn February 17, 2018
3rd Race; Detroit Lakes, Mn. February 24, 2018


CMPR will be running a 3-Race series for the 440 SM class. $1500 payout

Sponsored by: Scott’s Auto Body, of Eagle River, WI

1st Race;
1/20/2018, CSM Race & Rally, St Anna, Mn

Race 2;
2/17/2018, Race on Trace, Grey Eagle, Mn

Race 3;

2/24/2018, Detroit Lakes, Mn


CMPR will be running a 3-Race series for the IFS 340X and IFS440X class for $3000.00.

Sponsored by; Auto Glass Profesionals

1st Race;  2/17/18, Grey Eagle, MN

2nd Race; 2/24/18, Detroit Lakes, MN

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CMPR General

We will be running 4 Ice Oval Races. We will race on Sunday January 7, 2018 in Grey Eagle, MN on Trace Lake, Saturday January 20, 2018 in St Anna, Mn (sponsored by the Classic Snow Machines Rally) Saturday Feb 17, 2018 in Grey Eagle, Mn “Race on Trace Lake.” (The Feb 17th race is sponsored by the Grey Eagle/Burtrum Loins) Saturday February 24, 2018. Detroit Lakes Mn (Sponsored by Americ Inn, of Detroit Lakes, MN)

9:00-11:00 Hot Laps 9:00-11:00. Driver’s meeting at 11:30. Green flag drops at Noon for Heat Races all classes; A and B (if needed) features to follow.
Trace Lake is ¼ mile west of Grey Eagle, Mn on the north side of Hwy 287. There is a large on land access right off Hwy 287 and prior to entering the access to the lake. This area will make a nice pit area for those not wanting to park on the ice. The Hot pits will be 100 ft back on the outside of the front straight away, Centering on the Start/Finish line. We will stage and enter the track just prior to corner one and exit the track just out of corner four right back into the pits.

SAFETY, RULES OF CONDUCT…and other stuff.***
Everyone on the ice must sign a waiver*** For YOUR protection, insist ALL persons surrounding you have signed a waiver.
1. By entering a race, participant implies they are competent to race snowmobiles.
2. All ISR safety requirements are strongly recommended pertaining to the race sleds.
3. All drivers are encouraged to wear upper-body, shin, knee, elbow and any other body
protection you feel is necessary.
4. You are encouraged to wear an orange bib or jacket and orange helmet.
5. Safety stands (must have side protection) that retain track, cleats and picks must be used when rotating the track in the pits. No hand holds!
6. The flagman’s decision is final. Please, hold your lane when passing and don’t drive beyond the ability of yourself or machine – we are playing for fun...
7. Class rules will be based off SLEDS, PVR, and ORA. Although not exactly the same, they are close enough for fun. Please do not try and run a class that your sled has no reason to be in.
or comments may be directed to Mike Meagher, 320-815-1888 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail


Date Changes to the Lancaster Grand Prix

Message from Ed (Midge) Rosebrook

I wanted to give a heads up to all, on this historic change in dates. What has happened is this,--- Boonville wanted our first weekend in February, which we owned since 1964. Their thought is that the Eagle River gang just might come to Boonville afterward, because Valcourt  is the following weekend.  Lancaster also wanted to get some of the Eagle River sleds out here for the same reason. However, do to the travel distance, it never did happen. So we will be taking Boonville's old date of the last weekend in January. 

Another reason for our change is that we have from the beginning had to compete against the Super Bowl on Sunday (something we didn't have to worry about 40 years ago), which cuts the crowd down dramatically. I will get back to you later for more complete info on the 2018 Grand Prix. Sorry for jumping the gun. Right now we're concentrating on the ESRHOF inductions coming May 20th!

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2017 Eagle River Vintage Snowmobile Championship

The 54th Trigs Smokehouse World Championship Vintage Derby Snowmobile presented by Woody’s was held January 12th to the 15th. The weekend started out Friday with a frigid temperature of -16 degrees. The skies were sunny, winds were light and the temperature moderated to a wonderful +24 degrees by Sunday afternoon.

The winner of this year’s Vintage World Championship was number 52 Curtis Pederson of Fargo, ND. Peterson piloted a 73 Yamaha 433 SR, which was a completely new sled and motor this year. In the recent years Peterson raced a Polaris finishing in the top three.

The Vintage World Championships featured 12 sleds that must be 1985 and older 440 Free Air sleds. By 46 entrees running time trials and then taking the top 36 sleds into a round robin style qualifying for the top ten that will start the front row, then a last chance qualifier will be run taking the top 2 sleds to the second row for the big race on Sunday.

When the green flag lifted, it was all Jacob Goede for the first 5 Laps. Number 72 Goede running his Polaris Starfire was run down and passed by number 426 Bradee Mlaskosh of Willow River, Mn on his Yamaha. Mlaskoch lead for 2 laps when the race needed to be red flagged due to a crashed sled on the track. On the restart it was once again Goede with a great start and returning to the lead. Goede maintained the lead until the final white flag lap when a very hard charging number 52 Peterson took the lead going into corner three. Pederson maintained the lead to the checkered flag. Placing second was a first-time qualifier for the WC Justin Ernst on another Yamaha, rounding out the top three in third was the veteran Jacob Goede on his Polaris.

The Vintage weekend at Eagle River is much more than just the Vintage WC. There is also more than 40 other Vintage Classes run totaling more than 800 entries. All classes start qualifying Friday morning. Qualifying continues through the day on Saturday until all classes have the final ten sleds, which will then race for the class Championship on Sunday. Drivers come from many US states as far away as Arizona and Alaska. Canada is well represented, as well as Sweden.

All in all it was a great weekend of Vintage Racing at the Derby Track. There were some bumps and bruises, a few sleds in the bales, but no serious injuries were reported.

Article submitted by the VSCA Crew. Photo credit goes to Dave Olsen at

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