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CMPR Feb 21, 2014


We will have a few changes for CMPR during the Race on Trace. We will be pitting on the south end of the track. When you come on the lake turn left. We will enter turn 4 and exit on turn 3 back into the pits and staging.

Here is the running order for CMPR Feb 21st. Drivers take a look and let me know what you think. I have added the bikes in between some of the back to back classes.

1.   Formula 340/IFS 250X
2.   JR Novice (1)
3.   340 SM LQ
4.   Formula 500/ includes F-340
5.   Super Stock 340 LQ/FA,  includes 440 fan
6.   Bikes on Ice/     Plow Break
7.   IFS 340X
8.   Super Stock 440 Fan
9.   440 SM LQ
10.   Pro Stock 440/ includes 92 and older 500 fan IFS
11.   340 Superstock Fan/ Includes 0-300 FA
12.   Sportsman 600/ includes F-500
13.   JR 0-400 Fan, 300 F/A/  Plow Break
14.   Bikes on Ice
15.   IFS 440X
16.   Super Stock 440 LQ
17.   0-300 SM/includes Super Stock 340 Fan
18.   0-500 Fan Mod/Includes 340 SS FA    Plow break if needed
19.   IFS Late Model 440/includes Sprint/Limited 500
20.   0-400 Superstock Single
21.   Superstock Open
22.   Women’s Class any 85 and Older Leaf Spring

CMPR results

CMPR Results Jan 21, 2015

CMPR Jan 4, 2015

CMPR Race results January 4, 2015

CMPR 2015

CMPR 2015


We will be running three Ice Oval Races on Trace Lake in Grey Eagle, Mn. We will
race on Sunday January 4, 2015 and January 18, 2015. We will race Saturday Feb
21, 2015 on Trace Lake in Grey Eagle, Mn (This race is sponsored by the Grey
Eagle/Burtrum Loins) and Saturday February 28, 2015 in Butterfield, Mn.

9:00-11:00 Hot Laps 9:00-11:00. Driver’s meeting at 11:30. Green flag drops at
Noon for Heat Races all classes; A and B (if needed) features to follow.

Trace Lake is ¼ mile west of Grey Eagle, Mn on the north side of Hwy 287. There is a
large on land access right off Hwy 287 and prior to entering the access to the
lake. This area will make a nice pit area for those not wanting to park on the

The Hot pits will be 100 ft back on the outside of the front straight away,
Centering on the Start/Finish line. We will stage and enter the track just
prior to corner one and exit the track just out of corner four right back into
the pits.

SAFETY, RULES OF CONDUCT…and other stuff.

Everyone on the ice must sign a waiver*** For YOUR protection, insist ALL
persons surrounding you have signed a waiver.

  1. By entering a race, participant implies they are competent to race snowmobiles.
  2. All ISR safety requirements are strongly recommended pertaining to the race sleds.
  3. All drivers are encouraged to wear upper-body, shin, knee, elbow and any other body
    protection you feel is necessary.
  4. You are encouraged to wear an orange bib or jacket and orange helmet.
  5. Safety stands (must have side protection) that retain track, cleats and picks must
    be used when rotating the track in the pits. No hand holds!
  6. The flagman’s decision is final. Please, hold your lane when passing and don’t
    drive beyond the ability of yourself or machine – we are playing for fun...
  7. Class rules will be based off SLEDS, PVR, and ORA. Although not exactly the same,
    they are close enough for fun. Please do not try and run a class that your sled
    has no reason to be in.

or comments may be directed to Mike Meagher, 320-815-1888 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being
protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Eagle River Press release

Russ Davis Back to Race Action
Russ Davis takes on responsibilities of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for
the AMSOIL World Championship Snowmobile Derby presented by First Place Parts.com.
The announcement came October 14, 2014. Mr. Davis has already assumed his duties.
Chuck Decker, President and track owner, describes Russ as "One of the true
gentlemen of our sport, extremely knowledgeable and a prime mover in our snowmobile
world. There is probably no more respected snowmobile industry executive then Russ
Davis. We are looking forward to having him on our staff."

Davis says, "I am very excited to join a recreational sports orientated business
with opportunities that are unlimited. Chuck Decker and the Decker Family have built
the World Championship Derby and the Vintage World Championship events into a year
round world class venue. This along with young Natalie Decker's car racing career
will challenge me to put a strategic plan together that makes sense to all
involved." Davis concludes, "I will be out looking for future sponsors and partners
that want to help take advantage of this great opportunity."

Davis's lifelong association in the snowmobile arena began when he was the owner of
a retail store in Sayner Wisconsin and started as salesman for Snowmobile Sales
Inc., selling Scorpion snowmobiles. Shortly after, he became National Sales Manager
for the Scorpion Factory in Crosby, Minnesota.

This was followed by a move to Duluth to become National Sales Manager for the
Central U.S. for Ski Doo. After closing Ski Doo's office in Chicago he brought the
team back to Wausau to open a brand new distribution Center for Bombardier Ski Doo /
Sea Doo for North America and became National Sales Manager for this expanded
entity. Promoted again as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for snowmobiles
worldwide, which included snowmobile manufacturing facilities in Rovaniemi, Finland.

He also enjoyed early success as a snowmobile racer, winning the 1969 Stock Class
"B" on a Ski Doo 292, at the Eagle River World Championship. His involvement with
racing continued as he had full responsibility for the Ski Doo race Department in
Valcourt, Quebec. Russ was also responsible for the Ski Doo sponsored television
race coverage of the World Championship Snowmobile Derby for 14 years by CBS channel
7 in Wausau Wisconsin.

Befitting his prominence in the snowmobile world, Russ was inducted into the
International Snowmobile Hall of Fame in 2012.

The Deckers and Davis have run parallel paths in the snowmobile arena for all of
their lives, and collectively have more than 300 years of experience - this
association signifies a significant step forward for the AMSOIL World Championship
Snowmobile Derby.

January 15-18, 2015
Vintage Snowmobile Derby Weekend
January 9-11, 2015

Steve Decker / COO
Eagle River Derby Track