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CMPR 2017

We will be running 4 Ice Oval Races on Trace Lake in Grey Eagle, Mn. We will race on Sunday January 8, 22, 2017, We will race Saturday Feb 18, 25, 2017 (The Feb 18th race is sponsored by the Grey Eagle/Burtrum Loins)

9:00-11:00 Hot Laps 9:00-11:00. Driver’s meeting at 11:30. Green flag drops at Noon for Heat Races all classes; A and B (if needed) features to follow.

Trace Lake is ¼ mile west of Grey Eagle, Mn on the north side of Hwy 287. There is a large on land access right off Hwy 287 and prior to entering the access to the lake. This area will make a nice pit area for those not wanting to park on the ice.

The Hot pits will be 100 ft back on the outside of the front straight away,
Centering on the Start/Finish line. We will stage and enter the track just
prior to corner one and exit the track just out of corner four right back into
the pits.

SAFETY, RULES OF CONDUCT…and other stuff.***
Everyone on the ice must sign a waiver*** For YOUR protection, insist ALL persons surrounding you have signed a waiver.

  1. By entering a race, participant implies they are competent to race snowmobiles.
  2. All ISR safety requirements are strongly recommended pertaining to the race sleds.
  3. All drivers are encouraged to wear upper-body, shin, knee, elbow and any other body
    protection you feel is necessary.
  4. You are encouraged to wear an orange bib or jacket and orange helmet.
  5. Safety stands (must have side protection) that retain track, cleats and picks must be used when rotating the track in the pits. No hand holds!
  6. The flagman’s decision is final. Please, hold your lane when passing and don’t drive beyond the ability of yourself or machine – we are playing for fun...
  7. Class rules will be based off SLEDS, PVR, and ORA. Although not exactly the same, they are close enough for fun. Please do not try and run a class that your sled has no reason to be in.

or comments may be directed to Mike Meagher, 320-815-1888 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail


CMPR Results Jan 8, 2017


Claire Jensen-1st



Trenton Hilmerson-1st

Formula 340/Ifs 250X

Ed Lehrke-1st

Nathan Westlund-2nd

JR Novice (1)

Connor Hintz-1st

Riley Covel-2nd

Collin Jensen-3rd

Lawrence Covel-4th

340 SSM LQ

Randy Logelin-1st

Curtis Pederson-2nd

Formula 500/ includes f-340

Pierre Jensen-1st

Cory Beal-2nd

Kendra Westlund-3rd

Super Stock 340 LQ/ Includes 440 fan

Curtis Pederson-1st

Chuck poirier-2nd

Mitchel Giesking-3rd

Jon Padgett-4th

Joe Hammer-5th

Mike Stratychuk-6th

Ed Lehrke-7th

Dale Stensrud-8th

Cory Beal-9th

Mason Covel-10th

IFS 340X

Jeff Stenerson-1st

Travis Hilmerson-2nd

Carson Snare-3rd


Super Stock 440 fan

Chuck Poirier-1st

Mitchel Giesking-2nd

Jeff Schmidt-3rd

440 SM LQ

Mitchel Giesking-1st

Curtis Pederson-2nd

Randy Logelin-3rd

Mike Stratychuk- 4th

Pro Stock 440/Includes 92 and older 500 fan

Jason Helmbrecht-1st

Justin Marthaler-2nd

Bob Wagner-3rd

Rudy Jensen-4th

Kendra Westlund-5th

Carson Snare-6th

340 Super Stock Fan/Includes 0-300 FA

Mason Covel-1st

Mandi Higgins-2nd

Sportsman 600/includes F-500

Jason Helmbrecht-1st

Pierre Jensen-2nd

Joe Hammer-3rd

Nathan Westlund-4th

JR 0-400 fan, 300 FA

Riley Covel-1st

Collin Jensen-2nd

Lawrence Covel-3rd

Masters 340 SM Leaf Spring/includes 440 Super Stock

Randy Logelin-1st

Dave Riegert-2nd

Jon Padgett-3rd

Jeff Kubat-4th




72 and older 400 Single SM (no SR's)

Dave Mickelson-1st

Jesse Bengtson-2nd

Sammy Mickelson-3rd

Vicki Mickelson-4th

Nate Barber-5th

IFS 440X

Travis Hilmerson-1st

Jeff Stenerson-2nd

Super Stock 440LQ

Curtis Pederson-1st

Dave Riegert-2nd

Ed Lehrke-3rd

0-300 SM/includes Super Stock 340 Fan

Dale Stensrud-1st

JR F-500/ 92 and older 500 Fan IFS

Parker Helmbrecht-1st

Kendra WWestlund-2nd

Connor Hintz-3rd

IFS Late Model 440/includes sprint/limited 500

Andy Bachman-1st

0-400 Super Stock Single

Dave Mickelson-1st

Jesse Bengtson-2nd

Vicki Mickelson-3rd

Sammy Mickelson-4th

Nate Barber-5th

Colin Jensen-6th

Super Stock 340 FA

Chuck Poirier-1st

Jon Padgett-2nd

Mike Stratychuk-3rd

Dale Stensrud-4th



Women's Class any 85 and older leaf Spring

Mandi Higgins-1st

Sammy Mickelson-2nd

Vicki Mickelson-3rd

Masters 440 Super Stock

Dave Riegert-1st

Jon Padgett-2nd